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Press Jockey finds and filters 1,000s of press requests each day – so you don’t have to. Get dozens of targeted press requests delivered to your inbox daily, so can build your brand exposure and drive more sales.

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Rosemary Taylor

Journalist at UK Times

David Richardo

Writer at WIRED

Diana Williams

Writer at Travel + Leisure

Anthony Jones

Blogger at Food & Wine

Save up to 15h/week (or $1,500 per month) for a single brand!

Press Jockey helps run your in-bound PR for you. Set your brand’s target keywords. Press Jockey will find and filter 1,000s of press requests daily for you! Sit back and get high-quality, relevant press requests delivered to your inbox every day. Saves you up to 15h/week per brand. At $25 per hour you’ll save about $1,500 of cost per month for your brand!

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Leverage quick replies for your brand. Using your own pre-written templates, you can reply with the click of a button. It’s that easy. You can 5x your press opportunities or more… with 90% less effort. With Press Jockey on your side, it’s easy to win the PR game.

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Spent time searching through dozens of HARO emails or other “free” platforms…looking for relevant press, blog, or podcast opportunities? Have you spent far too many hours trying to monitor these platforms without finding many relevant matches? Let Press Jockey do the work for you! Press Jockey will find and filter through 1,000s of requests per week for you – delivering relevant requests to your inbox quickly – so you can reply and get more press today!

You'll win with Press Jockey

Get the best press opportunities - we search 1,000s for you

Stop bouncing from platform to platform. Scrolling endlessly through 100s of pitches. Let the Press Jockey do the work for you.

You'll have fast response times - so you'll get more press

Use your own pre-written pitches. Or send customized ones at the click of a button. Speed up your reply. Get more exposure for your brand!

Stop spending hours looking for PR requests - save 90% of your time

Time is money. Press Jockey saves you up to 15h/week of work per client. So Press Jockey gives you money. And more press opportunities. Win-Win!

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